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Kirk Davis

Short Form Work:

Covering Colvin

Winner 2018 Telly Award SILVER, General-Biography for Non-Broadcast
Winner 2018 Telly Award BRONZE, General-History for Non-Broadcast

In March, 1955 a young woman refused to move to the segregated section of a bus in Montgomery, Alabama. Surprisingly, this was not Rosa Parks, but Claudette Colvin. Read more..

Produced, shot and edited by Kirk Davis
Written by Matthew Delmont

NASA’s new Lucy Mission

ASU and NASA are sending a probe to study the precursors of life on asteroids.

Produced, shot and edited by Kirk Davis

Big Idea: How Can a Streetlight Help Ease Poverty?

ASU's new Compact X-Ray Free Electron Laser will revolutionize research into energy and health.

Produced shot and edited by Kirk Davis

Long Form Work:

X-ray Visionaries

A documentary on the history and future of X-Ray Science. The subject of the first Nobel Prize may just hold the key to addressing everything from opioid addiction to boundless energy to the early detection and treatment of cancer.

Researchers at ASU's Biodesign Institute are pioneering the use of super-fast, super-bright X-rays to map out the structure of proteins. Their work is helping to replicate photosynthesis, develop better pain medications and more.

Written and produced by Kirk Davis.

The Worth of Water

26 minute PBS documentary.
The story of the American West is a story of water, and of our Herculean efforts to capture and spread that water across an arid landscape. As our western cities continue to grow, however, we need to find ways to curb our thirst.


26 minute PBS documentary.
The rise of industrial-scale chemical compounds has helped increase our quality of life in substantial ways. In the 1960's, the promise of "better living through chemistry" made benefits of these new substances seem limitless. Researchers at ASU are studying this problem and finding solutions.

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