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See details about the script about Ignaz Semmelweiss, "A Dangerous Mind", which won the Alfred P. Sloan Screenwriting Grant and was Official Selection, Hamptons International Film Festival Writers Lab. Learn more >

Sunny Day Flooding
Norfolk, Virginia, is the first city in the US to grapple with the inundation of seawater from climate change on a daily basis during the high fall tides known as King Tides. The site of the largest Naval base in the world, the city is of vital national importance. Local government officials and volunteers join together to battle the rising waters.

Produced, shot and edited by Kirk Davis for ASU

Introducing ASU CXFEL
The new Compact X-Ray Free Electron Laser being built at ASU will revolutionize research into medicine, energy and even art history.

Written and co-produced by Kirk Davis

Soul Work
Is innovation always good? And is more always better?

Not without "soul work", says Gaymon Bennett, associate professor of religion, science, and technology at Arizona State University.

Produced, shot and edited by Kirk Davis

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